Honeymooners in Maui

After watching the fireworks in Boston on the 4th, Adam and I took off on a jetplane to the wonderfully relaxing world of Maui.  Lots of champagne was poured in first class on the way there :)  We decided not to plan too much of the trip and play it by ear once we got there.  The first day we slept in, ate a good breakfast, explored the Marriott compound and got 2 good chairs at the adult pool that overlooked the ocean.  It was blissful.  We had pina coladas, nachos, and got some quality reading and swimming in.  It wasn't until we got back to the hotel room that we realized how sunburned we actually were - red as lobsters - completely cooked.  The sun in Maui is incredibly strong and the gorgeous warm (not hot) temperature and perfect, constant breeze only helped us to bake the whole time we were out there.  Note for future Maui-goers...don't wear 15 while in Maui. Having the sunburns limited our activities for the next couple of days so we decided to drive into Kahului to the Kmart, bought some stronger sunblock, some snorkel gear, and some hats.  We then drove the "road to Hana' in our red Mustang convertible, put the top down when we felt brave (and put it back up when our shoulders were feeling too much sun).  The drive was gorgeous - we bought a tourist CD that explained the highlights of the drive.  For anyone that hasn't taken this drive before, it's incredibly windy and many times it's only wide enough for one car so we'd have to take turns with cars driving the opposite direction. 

We took a 2 and half hour volcano tour in a 9-seater plane.  We flew around Maui and headed over to the Big Island.  The pilot made sure folks on both sides of the plane had a chance to spot lava so we were all glad we had our seatbelts on tight.  One lady in the front had to use an 'aloha bag' and like the pilot said when we were boarding...'if we have to use the bag, take our alohoa with us.'  I luckily didn't have to use the bag but only because i took a short nap to settle my stomach :)  Adam has a short video as proof of me passed out.  We only saw a little bit of red lava but the views of the waterfalls and volcanos were awesome.

We went to a luau - the weather was gorgeous and the sunset couldn't have been better (they were gorgeous every night).  Adam and I decided that the pigs at the BC Ronald Regan Annual Pig Roast pigs taste much much better.  The entertainment was great, you'll see some pics below and at the end they had all the honeymooners and those celebrating their anniversaries to come up and slow dance...awwww ;)  it was sweet.

We topped off our trip with a snorkeling trip to Molokini Crater and saw some very colorful fish, some big, some small, and all of them couldn't have cared less that we were there...Parrot fish, Butterfly fish to name a couple.  When we were snorkeling at our beach, we even saw an octopus!  From Molokini, the boat took us to Turtle City and we spotted a few sea turtles while on the boat and when we were in the water, we got to swim next to one!  They move so slow - it was an incredible sight.

Our trip was too short to say the least - 8 days in Maui isn't long enough.  We have some great memories and were glad that we didn't wait to take our honeymoon.  We were thankful for the days to relax, to be disconnected from work, and to not have to discuss actually planning the wedding.  Our engagement was a year and a half so we'd been talking 'wedding talk' for quite some time...it was nice to only care about where we were going to eat, what we were going to drink, and to not have to set an alarm clock.  Enjoy the pics - there were too many to include and yes, lots of 'honeymoon shots' with only one of us in most of them at a time...oh well...it was perfect.

**Forgot to add in here the first time that Adam and I got head colds while in Maui - yes, head colds.  Our bodies realized we weren't running on adrenaline anymore and thought 'hey, now seems like a great time to get sick'.  So we took some dayquil and some nyquil for a couple of days and rented a cabana for a whole day and swam, ate, and read.  Now if you had to get sick, that was the way to fight through it.**


Our Big Day - Recap

We've been a bit delinquent with posting to this site but that will change.  We've had some time to relax a bit after the wedding and take it all in.  It's been over two months, can you believe it??  Thank you to all of our friends and family for being there to support us - and to party with us :) The rehearsal went well - I cried, i think Adam might have teared up: walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing Adam waiting for me, seeing our bridal party paired up, and walking through the ceremony and vows.  It's good that we did this because we decided to strategically have Debbie holding tissues during the wedding 'just in case' I cried - which I did, a lot.  :)

The wedding day was amazing and we tried to take it all in as much as possible.  Luckily nothing really went wrong and we're blessed for that.  I had a minor technical difficulty walking up the stairs of the altar but other than that - it was all smooth.  It was a tad hotter in the church than we would've liked and we thank you for hanging in there with us!  I wish i had had one of those wooden fans with me on the altar.  Standing up there, I was holding hands with my best friend and my heart was bursting with so much joy and love.  It was honest, exciting, and it felt wonderful to have our friends and family witness and support such an important moment for us.

Below are some pictures from the wedding - if you took photos from your own camera, we'd love to have them.  Especially if you took some videos! :)  Thank you all for being there for us, we love you and are grateful to have such supportive, loving, and crazy set of friends and family.  We'll post honeymoon pics soon.


Wedding Logistics!

Event Logistics

3:15 PM – Shuttle Bus Pickup @ The Sheraton Back Bay

  • There will be 2 bus trips, so if you don’t fit on the first bus there will be another a few minutes after!
  • If you’re not staying at the Sheraton and would like to catch the bus, the address of the Sheraton is at 39 Dalton Street
  • If you’d like to travel to the Old South Church and skip the bus, that is fine too! The address of the Old South Church is 645 Boylston St.
  • The Old South Church is located at the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth streets, and directly next to the Copley “T” stop (green line)

4:00 PM – The Ceremony Begins at the Old South Church

4:45-5:00 PM – Receiving Line and Shuttle Bus Pick-Up to take everyone to the Sheraton Back Bay

5:30-6:30 PM – Cocktail Hour at Sheraton Back Bay

6:30-11:30 PM – Reception at Sheraton Back Bay (Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing!!)

Post Event Information

Since you’re in Boston on the 4th of July, we highly recommend you watch the fireworks at the Esplanade if you’re still around. The Esplanade is a short walk from all of the hotels in the Copley / Back Bay area. Just walk towards the Charles River and you should see it!

4th of July Event Details are located at: http://www.july4th.org/

Brandy and Adam will be camping out on the Esplanade, feel free to give Adam a call at (617)-447-4045 to find out where we set up shop!

If you’re looking for some other things to do we have some recommendations @ http://brandyandadam.com/parking-and-attractions/

Cake Tastings

We happily ate A LOT of cake during the cake tastings.  We were choosing between two different bakers and of course had to eat our fill at both bakeries.  Momma Kerr and Debbie were able to join us at the tastings so we scheduled them both for the same day...luckily we scheduled enough time for lunch b/c the sugar was definitely getting to us. Rest assured...we chose some delicious options that we hope you will enjoy!  80 days left...dum dum dum....


Book Your Rooms!

Hi Lovies - we really encourage you to make your hotel reservations as soon as you're able to.  The hotel is really starting to book up for the weekend and i've had to ask a few times for more rooms to be added to our block.  Check out the Accomodations tab for room block details.  Let us know if you have ANY questions at all.  Either leave a comment or call Brandy: 617-694-8059 or Adam: 617-447-4045.

Food tasting - yum-o, to say the least

[gallery] Happy Love Day to everyone!  For Valentine's day - just because we have the wedding + closing on the condo coming up, we opted to not spend too much mulah for Valentine's Day.  SO we decided to still do something 'lovey dovey' and picked out our wedding bands.  We didn't think to take any pictures and they're getting sized now so we don't have any pics for this post but we're both really happy with our choices and can't wait to wear them.

A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I went to our food tasting for the reception.  Adam was a bit disappointed that we couldn't eat all of the horsdoesvres that will be passed during the cocktail reception but definitely ate enough to substitute for our dinner that night.  Trust us when we say that there won't be a lack of food nor bevvies on our night, so come hungry and thirsty (hint: open bar all night!)  We came to a decision for the two entrees we'll offer and we're hoping everyone will be satisfied with one or the other.  I know we'll have a few vegetarians celebrating with us, so there will be a place on the RSVP cards to let us know about any allergies and requested veggie dishes.  The chef told us he'll make wonderful vegetarian dishes for us as long as we let him know ahead of time.

Here are a few pictures of us at the tasting - we tried the different food courses and picked our favorite soup, salad and entree, the wines for each of the tables, and also got to take a look at our chair and table setting options - which ones will we choose???  you'll just have to wait to see! ;-)

Trip to Korea!

So we are going to Korea for a vacation with the Kerr family (Mom, Dad, Debbie, Claudio, Adam, and myself) from Jan 14th - Jan 23rd.  Not the most ideal weather for being in Korea (it's going to be freezing! but Adam and i are used to it in Boston).  We're going for one of my cousin's weddings - flying into Seoul on Korean Air with the longest leg of the trip being Atlanta straight to Seoul.  From Seoul, we'll get picked up and will travel to my Uncle's farm and then to the wedding.  After the wedding, we'll be staying in Seoul and doing various things with a goal of eating as much as we can :)  I haven't been to Korea since I was 10 years old and I'm sure things will be very different.  We'll post pictures once we get back.  So excited!!!! On the wedding front, we've scheduled our reception tasting for first week of February!!  Bring on the good eating :)  Let us know if you have any food allergies.  xx

Engagement Pictures

[gallery] We've picked a few of our favorites from our Engagement Picture session - can't show you all of them because they'll be used during the reception :)   We had a great time during the session - lots of great pictures as well as a lot of cheesy pictures that we might just keep to ourselves and laugh about in private.

Wedding updates

We've been pretty busy lately with work and traveling - the rest of this year is going to absolutely fly by and then we're looking at 7 months until the wedding!  We've also been busy with the wedding plans.  Here are some updates of what we've been doing recently:

  1. Wedding shoes - purchased - needed them for dress alterations.  Adam and I bought them yesterday - they're smokin and still pretty comfortable.
  2. Engagement photos - taken :)  Had beautiful weather for outdoor photos at the Arnold Arboretum.  We'll give a sneak peek of these photos shortly.  They'll be used during the reception in a couple of ways so we don't want to give away all of the suprise!
  3. Church - we just need to sign the papers but we're already on their calendar - Old South Church in Copley Square, downtown Boston.
  4. Save-the-dates - ordered - will be mailed out in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Gift Registry - done - Macy's and Crate and Barrel

More details and pictures to come!!

Great weekend!

Kerr family at the BC gamethe ladies and Adam Boston waterfrontCan't say enough how much fun last weekend was - we were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather all weekend.  The BC game was a little hot but other than that - simply perfect.  We had lots of beer, lots of food, and lots of laughing.  Moms got along great, the dads helped Adam change his brake pads and we ended the weekend by playing the new Wii Sports Resort and Guitar Hero 5 (i'm STILL sore from some crazy Fencing matches.)  Also glad that Claudio was able to join us and we were able to surprise Debbie quite a bit. gang at the BC game Markeys at Johnny's for bfastIt's going to be a great wedding and i'm glad everyone got to see the reception hall and me in my dress...now i need to find a really good local seamstress.  I have a feeling this little group of ours will have many more weekends like this to come.  <3

Meeting of the parents

dum dum dum... (kidding!)  it won't be scary :)  this weekend will be the first time the Markey and Kerr parents meet - both arriving in Boston tomorrow night.  Debbie's flying in from FL to meet the Markey's too!  (wow - i'll be a Markey in less than a year)  Adam and I have an activity-packed weekend for everyone starting with checking out the reception venue at the Sheraton BackBay and Duck Tour on Friday;  BC Tailgating and football on Sat; checking out spots at the Arnold Arboretum and Liberty Hotel for engagement pics on Sun; and of course - LOTS of eating throughout the weekend.

What's this all about?

We're going to try this blog thing out and see how it goes.  Hopefully it'll help Adam and me to relay our planning updates and key info for the wedding as it gets closer (310 days to be exact!)  After the wedding - the focus of this little piece of the web will help us to share with friends and family tidbits on our lives together.  xx